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Hormone replacement Lab test: $190.00

A Saliva test that establishes what your present estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, & cortisol hormone levels are. With this test our trained Pharmacist can help with natural hormone replacement recommendations for your Doctor to help get your hormones back in line. Take our symptom assessment form to see if you may need hormone therapy. Please click here to complete our Hormone Evaluation Checklist.

Micronutrient Testing: $460.00

This blood test reveals nutritional deficiencies you may have and are not aware of. Many drugs can deplete your nutrients thereby creating additional medical problems. Once we have received your results our trained pharmacist can make natural supplement recommendations to help you obtain the proper balance you need to establish a healthy energetic life.

Other Lab tests: www.ultalabtests.com/scriptexpertspharmacy

If you are feeling tired, have gained weight over a short period of time, suffer with anxiety, or are having difficulty getting to sleep at night
These tests are a great way to perform a system check on yourself. We can help you take charge of YOUR health.